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Beyond Hell the newest CD released by GWAR as of 8-29-06.

The cd is based on the Escape from Earth, but from the inside.

As Oderous Urungus explains in the Q&A Video "We don't plan on conquering the world, that's the whole thing. We're going inside the world to escape it from within, Uhh we've gotten sick of going into outer space and escape Earth, it's just not workin' for us. We're gonna infect, corrode, and cancerize the Earth from the inside, rot it, like a damned, infected scrotom, or something." That's directly what he says, word for word.

The track list of this CD is:

1. Intro = 1:00
2. WAR is all we know = 4:39
3. Murderer's Muse = 4:17
4. Go To Hell! = 4:45
5. I Love The Pigs = 4:29
6. Tormentor = 4:29
7. Eighth Lock or Eight Lock *Known as both* = 4:06
8. The Ultimate Bohab = 2:24
9. Destroyed = 3:52
10. The One That Will Not Be Named = 4:06
11. Back In Crack = 5:10
12. (Bonus Track) School's Out = 3:22

The CD was mixed by David Townsend.
GWAR's new CD "Beyond Hell" comes out 8-29-06.

This new CD is definitely the heaviest of all the CD's so far. I cannot wait for the newest album if they make it.
by A Twisted Illusion September 01, 2006
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