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The supposed "commoner name" of the reigning Monarch of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Commonwealth Realms.

People who call Queen Elizabeth II "Betty Windsor" are either anti-monarchy, small-r republican, apathetic, or satirists.
English monarchist: Her Royal Highness will visit this august country of Canada in a fortnight.

American: Dude, I just go to school here. I'm not Canadian. Why should I care anyway? Betty Windsor's just a person, like anyone else.

English monarchist: How dare you sully our most Serene and Exalted Monarch of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Realms with a made-up commoner name!

American: Let's get real. She eats out of Tupperware every morning at breakfast.
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by poorbrokegradstudent December 23, 2011
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