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One of three cities in the Lehigh Valley.
"The Christmas City" mainly because of the big lit up star on the mountain overlooking the city.
Lots of coffee shop hipsters and old people strolling around looking at the historical shit
Very rural feeling which makes it a cool city for chill pot smoking and skateboarding kids
home of the old Bethlehem Steel which is now an awesome huge rusty building that is lit up in awesome colored spot lights because of the movie transformers which had parts filmed at the Steel.
Now there's also a big gay casino that old people love as well.
South Side bethlehem never sleeps. In good and bad ways. Its a little shady but its got way cooler stuff to do than the north side.
Lets go chill in Bethlehem PA tonight!
#bethlehem #allentown #easton #bethleham #lehigh valley
by wacklife September 18, 2010
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