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1) Good advice giver
2) Will always be there for you no matter what
3) Very sexual/ knows what she is doing
4) She only will trust a variety of chosen people
5) Slow learner, but she eventually understands...
6) Loves adventures
7) HATES the sun, and loves the cold weather
8) Cares for others more so than herself
9)Different and unique in many ways

"Where is beth ann when i need some one to talk to ?!"....
by l.o.v.e.s. January 27, 2009
A spirited filly with lots of red hair, big boobs, and an even bigger smile. Girls named Bethann hate hookers and love boys named Scooter. If you are lucky enough to find a rare Bethann tie her up and don't let her leave.
"Man I wish my girl was like Bethann"
"Bethann sure uses her bethann a lot"
by coordinatethis February 04, 2010
An amazing person.
Long legs, dark hair, often a bit shy at first, very hot and tanned
Loves being a bit different whilst the same, hates the name Bethany and her name being pronounced like Betharn or Bethin.

Though a little shy she's worth getting to know. A funny personality and very outgoing once you know her. Amazing personality and great taste in music.
Just met a Bethann the other night. She was shy at first but she was worth it! Already got a date for friday night.

She's so bethann! She's got awesome legs, awesome hair and an amazing tan! Shes even got a cool personality.
by s@r@h!$ March 25, 2011
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