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Best In Slot is used by gamers to define a piece of gear which is simply the best for their gaming character in a specific slot (eg. head slot, pants slot etc.)
Also someone's "Best In Slot" is his/her best friend, a very special person that you usually meet online through an mmo game and end up being very close to each other and very important for each other just like a BiS item. Sometimes though your friendship can be "vendored" in case your partner finds an "upgrade".
- A Manticore with two sockets is usually Best In Slot (BiS) for Demon Hunters.

- I can't wait to go home and get online so we can talk and farm together!
- Hurry Up! I have nothing to do without you, you are my Best In Slot (BiS) afterall
by Lacryma May 03, 2013

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