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The unwritten rules of friendship. Never have a relationship with someone your best friend has feelings for. Never sleep with your best friend's exes, no matter what they say. Even if they say it's okay and they approve, don't do it if you are a true friend. And if you do, you're not a true friend.
Stephanie had strong feelings for this guy she once pretended to hate, yet her best friend completely overlooked this by disobeying the best friend code and having a relationship with him. Now they are no longer friends.
by BrokenSoulStartingOver August 16, 2009
The code that entitles a best friend to do something, mainly because they are the best friend. There aren't actually written rules, you just have to remain loyal. You'll know in your heart if it's something you have to do. best friend best friends bff
I didn't want to go to that party with my best friend, but it was written in the damn best friend code so I had to!
by abcdefghujklmnopqrstuvwxyz May 04, 2008
Used when talking to your best friend. When this code is enforced it keeps the knowledge from going to a third party.
Best Friend Code can be enforced in any of this situations(since people can barely keep there mouths shut now days)

ie. dishing on boyfriends, talking about other disliked friends, talking about your best friends slut of a girlfriend....
by Made-Up.Maria July 05, 2010
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