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When you are forced to be phony friends with someone you hate due to sharing the same work environment.
Mary: "Wow, did I just see you talking and laughing with Jane?"
Sarah: "Ya, she was transferred to our project - so now we're on the same team and are BFF's"
Mary: "Really? I thought you hated her?"
Sarah: "Oh I hate her fucking face. We're Best Fake Friends now."
by DJ Chazzy Chaz September 07, 2011
a person who pretends to be your best friend forever when really they secretly hate you and talk about you behind your back.
girl 1- see you later bestie
girl 2- bye, love you (leaves)
girl 1- thank god that bitch is gone
girl 3- i thought you two were best friend forever
girl 1- no im just her best fake friend, honestly i hate her
by gummybear0123456789 February 11, 2012

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