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3-11-11 album by Mac Miller
best day ever is the most dope album ever
by somerandombro March 08, 2011
21 6

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Phrase you can blurt out when something good happens to you. In meaning combines "thank you," "how nice of you," "I really appreciate it," and "awesome" all into one expression. Meant to make the other party feel that something they did was well received.
Scene: Aaron is sitting on the couch watching TV and Wendy brings him the remote and a bowl of ice cream.

Aaron blurts out: "best day ever!"
by perthguy1 December 14, 2010
8 1
Those days where not even the worst can ruin it. Where you feel like you can fly. When you have those heart to hearts and your so happy you could just cry!
I had by far the BestDayEver
by Messystickers February 04, 2010
3 1