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A type of cheap Mary Jane made in the second floor rooms of stoners living in the San Jose area in the infamous Berryessa neighborhood, hence the name. The area is mostly old school Mexican and some Asian and Black but the weed usually comes from bored or angry white stoner kids. They can afford the setup and their parents are usually divorced and working three jobs so they con't notice the kid is interested in 'growing plants in his or her room for a science project'.
Berryessa Weed. n. A cheap type of pot. Any similar cheap pot found near southeast San Jose.

Nate Dogg: What is this shit? It takes like Milpitas air?
Carlson: Nah, this spliff is Berryessa Weed.

Nate Dogg: Oh yeah, I can kind of taste the mercury in it.

Carlson: Well that's what adds flavor.
by boneburgler32d June 18, 2011
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