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Straight up awesome Independent senator from Vermont. One of the only self-proclaimed socialist in the Congress, not to be confused with Marxist: he's a Democratic socialist. A man of the people.

Bernie is:
Anti-war, voted against the Iraq war and the "Patriot Act".
Anti-Fed, is an outspoken critic of the secretive Federal reserve.
Anti-corporation, is an outspoken critic of large corporations and the low tax rate that many of them claim, while shipping our jobs overseas.
Pro-single payer health care and against privatized health cares, corporations shouldn't get rich from the sickness of others.
Bernie Sanders is a really cool senator.
by Pillowpants8495 September 21, 2011
A socialist running for the 2016 presidential election. Most predicted that Sanders would never be a relevant candidate, but thanks to the moderators of leftist sub-communities of already liberal websites like reddit and imgur, he's gained a strong standing on social media. Sanders is the dream candidate of every college student, as he promises free stuff for everyone and bashing the republican candidates, which in and of itself is enough to land him on the front page of every news outlet. Sanders has tragically lost a lot of his good reputation as a result of the mockery of cringeworthy phrases used by his infantile online supporters like "Feel the Bern". Reddit's own self-aware circlejerk subreddit is filled with posts that mock Sanders on a daily basis, which is not a good sign for the future, as every popular trend that is mocked there ends up being mocked by the rest of the community within a year or two.
Redditor 1: "Go Bernie Sanders!"

Redditor 2: "Hell yeah! Feel t3h Bern!"

*5 months later*

Redditor 1: Gonna vote tonight?

Redditor 2: You kidding? Why visit the polls when I could browse dank memes about how Bernie is winning, like the posts on /r/politics for the past year said he would?

Redditor 1: Good point...brb, gonna go mock some autists on /r/CringeAnarchy.
by [Le]terally October 05, 2015

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