Straight up awesome Independent senator from Vermont. One of the only self-proclaimed socialist in the Congress, not to be confused with Marxist: he's a Democratic socialist. A man of the people.

Bernie is:
Anti-war, voted against the Iraq war and the "Patriot Act".
Anti-Fed, is an outspoken critic of the secretive Federal reserve.
Anti-corporation, is an outspoken critic of large corporations and the low tax rate that many of them claim, while shipping our jobs overseas.
Pro-single payer health care and against privatized health cares, corporations shouldn't get rich from the sickness of others.
Bernie Sanders is a really cool senator.
by Pillowpants8495 September 21, 2011
Top Definition
Old rich white man in the democratic party. He's about to give Hillary the fucking of her lifetime. (No offense, Bill).
Also second cousin to poultry mogul Colonel Harland Sanders.
Wait, what? Bernie Sanders is a democrat? But democrats are supposed to hate old rich white men.
by TheseTitsAreReal November 13, 2015
The ultimate demise of the true united States. When bernie is voted United States will become part of the european union and cause lots of people to lose money to do sky high taxes.
A: Man I want free education and health care! GO BERNIE SANDERS!
B: ... Well I guess you didn't know you would still be paying for it in your really high taxes you get every month!
by RamjetExhaust May 01, 2016
1. The act of trying to ruin America by offering hippy millenial libtards free stuff
1. Uggh, I'm so pissed at America I could literately just Bernie Sanders.
by Fuck Demi Lovato June 12, 2016
A magical man, with dark powers akin to those of a Wizard or Sorcerer, that is able to make everything FREE. Some say he gets his powers from a book called "the communist manifesto" others say he gets them from eating small children with red hair and no souls otherwise known as gingers.
Privileged College Student: Dude I'm so voting for Bernie Sanders, he says everything should be FREE!! He's so smart, he's been in government for like a million years so he knows about shit like the economy and schools and stuff. You should totally vote for him too so you can get some FREE shit also.
by RageAgainstTheSystem June 12, 2016
An Idiot who wants to ruin America by introducing Socialism
Jon: I love Bernie Sanders
Mark: Get the fuck out of America !
via giphy
by BigBoy385 July 04, 2016
Bernie Sanders is basically the drop bomb diggity. He is a democratic socialist and will shit on the Republican party with a roundhouse kick for the 2016 presidential election. With purer goals than any of the other candidates, he is the grandpa you never had, and would make America great again better than Trump ever would.
Is that President Bernie Sanders? The best and most capable president we have ever had in this great country riddled with holes from the past pitiful conflicts from our previous incapable presidents? Wow!
by Firestarter220 December 26, 2015
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