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The BEST Hybrid fucking 99 str ownage coperal beast owning noobs in runescape since `o1.
2:07pmSkillsPRO: HOLY!@BERNARD128 ur the BEST HYRBID EVER!! FK! U JST OWNT ME 39-39 DDS!2:07pmfree2own: lol skillspro u just suck dude. bernard, dm me.2:08pmBernard128: bring it u fuka 2:09pmfree2own: homie r u sure u want this im from compton G!2:10pmSkillsPRO: free2own dnt fk do it he fk owned me like it his fk job m8 plz dnt do it i wilcry=. 2:23pm free2own: g2g sorry.2:23pmfree2own has left the chat room. (Quit: )
by Mans_A_General July 26, 2009
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