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When you first arrive in Berkeley, you don't think the people are very attractive, but as you notice how crappy the city is, you start to think that a 6 is 9, and then you find it even easier to hook up with people since outsiders look real good to them.
Roomate 1: Dude, these chicks are ugly..

Roomate 2: I know man, wish i was back in L.A.

(10 days later, as the roomates walk down Bancroft)

Roomate 1: Damn u see that chick, she's lookin better by the day!

Roomate 2: huh, suddenly all these chicks are lookin good, u see the girl at the museum, I wanna marry her.

Roomate 1: but u said she was a 4...

Roomate 2: well, now that I see all the ugly chicks here, she's an 8!

Roomate 3: Must be those Berkeley goggles, or maybe its the weed...
by gointoberkeleybitches!!! December 30, 2009
Similar to the beer goggles effect, a person which one would not find typically attractive is seen as attractive. This effect is a cause of the UC Berkeley bubble, where a lesser amount of typically attractive people exist. Another factor included is the envelopment of academia connected to a decline in one's social life.
Me: At first I didn't think (insert name here) was so cute, but there is something different about them this semester.

Friend: Looks like you're sporting the Berkeley goggles now. You've been in the Berkeley bubble too long. At least your option has a good personality.
by OskiSurf July 31, 2008