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Slang coined in the late nineties by fans of both America's Funniest Home Videos and its hilarious yet moralistic, Christian host, Tom Bergeron. Its commonly used by Christian party-goers wishing to exclaim their want to "rock the party" without the use of alcohol, magic mushrooms with stems two inches in length or Borat impersonations.
Guy: "I'm going to Bergerock your world, honey tits."
Girl: "That is so hot. I want to introduce you to my father right now. I want to walk you home to my house right this instant. I want to fuck you in a good way, i'm not going to lie. That one word was so hot, that I now want to throw you onto that air hockey table over there and do it with you. I want you to hunt my virginity for its water fowl, and when you do it, I want you to do it with the air hockey table... on. But first we have to get married to make the union of our bodies legitimate. Deal, home-doodle?"
Guy: "I was just trying to be social... You took things way too far."
by Jesse "Da Bomb" Bergeron May 26, 2008