Meaning a worthless piece of shit.

See Sherry Dawn Bennett/Swanson/Blackwell

Stans first ex-wife
What a "Beotch!
by Beach Bum 1220 December 13, 2010
female dog, bitch. Sometimes used as friendly slang for friend
"get off my shit, beeeeeotch"
by kevlar skills June 27, 2002
1. a freind in which you would like to make love to
2. one of yo hoes
" I took my beotch to the movies with and slap her around afta"
by The big jo-to the jizzle July 22, 2003
A term used to describe a white man who, in an attempt to be cool, uses urban slang (ebonics) in a group of men of color, and subsequently gets beat down.
We threw down on that beotch who was trying to talk shit.
by Leif Ammons August 21, 2004
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