The benton boys, brandon and darren are cool Brooke is hot as crap.
YESSS i going to see the bentons
by yeah January 12, 2005
Top Definition
An intelligent individual who understands many things through close observation. Though sometimes misunderstood, people will eventually grow to like them. A kind heart and a caring soul allow an empathic connection with others, while a bright mind and excellent judgment make for a great leader. They possess amazing skills in everything they do and can accomplish things that would be impossible for most. They have a great physique and find it hard sometimes to be so good-looking because they can be resented for it. People like Bentons because they're just amazing. They aren't conceded pricks and they give good advice. They also have a willingness to help people. If you know a Benton, you should appreciate them for their greatness and their wonderful personality.

(This definition doesn't specifically describe one person, it is a meaning of the name "Benton")
I like that Benton guy, he's pretty darn cool.

That guy is really nice and sexy, I bet his name is Benton.

What I wouldn't give to be with Benton.
by Divine Element February 13, 2010
When you keep talking to try to clear things up but only end up making matters worse.

Made famous when Ron Paul's campaign manager Jesse Benton accidentally ended Paul's 2012 campaign and then failed miserably at trying to explain how Dr Paul is still running for president.
"Dude, you just pulled a Benton. You might wanna stop talking now."
by fidnado May 15, 2012
A frothy substance that secretes from mounds of smegma that have been unattended to. Usually found on the worst, most dishonest people.
"I met this really cute guy philosophizing outside of a mason's lodge."
"Be careful, he's probably got years of Benton built up around his taint."
by BrackZown December 06, 2013
The act of getting forced anal screwing without lubricant by your boss.
Man Jeff gave me the Benton at work and I still can't walk right.
by Mike Beaver August 22, 2006
A person who continually joins and leaves a group/organization.
Why do you keep joining and leaving again? Don't be such a Benton.
by Johny Boy August 07, 2007
1: A nieghborhood in South Dallas
2: A dance in dallas that is so crunk

1:Nigga1:Where u live nigga?

2:Nigga1:Say my nigga hit the benton.
Nigga1: Eh, Eh, Eh, Eh!!!!
by Gucci_Chick December 03, 2005
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