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someone who's only pourpose for having a fast computer is to sit around and say "HOLY SHIT I CAN GET 250000 in 3dmark 200x" It makes me sad
alex lawson is a bench monkey
by Jesus January 13, 2004

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Someone who has abnormally large pecs, most likely to the Bench Press being their most commonly used piece of equipment at a Gym.

A bench monkey will have The Incredible Hulk's chest and Uma Thurman's body.

Frowned upon at gyms, they are almost laughed at even by Guidos for occasionally taking roids despite the fact they lack all other muscles.
- Man walks into Gym does bench press leaves -

Tony says: Damn, what a Bench Monkey.

- Man overhears this, comes back in, and tries to lift a man's Bicep Curl Bar from the floor and fails before walking out -

Tony says: That's what I thought.
by R3POWER October 30, 2009