When an unexpected erection occurs, the act of tucking the boner upwards in its natural direction, held close to the stomach by the belt/ sweat pant elastic. Makes public erections virtually unnoticeable. A shirt is mandatory
This girl at the office came over an flirted with me today, I had to rock a belt tuck. what a smoke show
by WillyR February 10, 2009
Top Definition
A method of penis stealth in which the man flips his boner up underneath his belt. However, the shirt must be kept down during this procedure or else the tip of his penis will become visible.
Billy performed a belt tuck when Mrs. Stevenson asked him to answer a question on the board.
by Ad Man February 10, 2009
when you get a noticeable boner and have to move it around and slip it under the belt on your pants to conceal it
dude, i had to hide my boner with a belt-tuck last class, it just wouldnt go away
by martian February 28, 2012
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