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Where one party offers another party monetary benefit and/or in-kind benefit and/or free services and/or to fix and rehabilitate a decaying asset that the other party owns or is involved with and is flat-out rejected by that other party for no rational reason whatsoever.
1. The state of Michigan offers the city of Detroit (which also happens to be in and a part of the state of Michigan) millions in annual funding to renovate and operate the city's dilapidated, dying, former jewel of a public park and the city council refuses to allow the state of Michigan to do so. The state of Michigan has been "Belle Isled".

2. A guy offers to fix up his girlfriend's apartment and pay for the entire project himself. His Girlfriend responds with: "I ain't going to let you fix up my apartment. It's my apartment". That guy has been "Belle Isled" by his girlfriend.
by Theeunknown01 March 12, 2013
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