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Accident Prone to things
You are such a bella.
by gianna volturri May 30, 2008
1. Italian for "beautiful".
2. Informal greeting born in Italy in the early 90s among young people. Rapper Yared, inventor of "bolo slang", claims that bella is a term of him and his crew's.
-"oh bella zio!"
-"bella pe' te!" (b. for you)
by Looka January 20, 2011
Bella is literally what the name means, beautiful. True Beauty emanates from this girl from the deepest part of her soul to everything that she touches. Not only does she hold the treasure of true beauty, but her touch can warm the heart. Her smile, make men weak at the knees. Any man to ever have the chance to be with this angel is consider blessed. This girl deserves everything from a good cup of tea to a VW van to falling in love. If you have ever met a girl like this you will know right away that any good thing said about her must be true. She has that one thing that is indescribable, that everyone wants. All words will fall short of this beauty, but that has never stopped a man from trying. Is she not only outstandingly pretty, but sexy as well. The way she fixes her hair, puckers her soft lips or the way she makes goofy faces. It doesn't help the cause that she has a smoking body either. She loves books and tea which makes her oh so smart. A good man would go to the other side of the earth for this girl only in hope to get a kiss on the cheek from her. Bella wouldn't believe a word that has been said, but that is what makes her so incredible. She might not love her stomach or the sound of her own voice, but any good man would love those imperfections endlessly.
"That girl you met in math class is called Bella. You'd be very lucky to ever meet a girl more outstanding than her "

"Dude, she watches The Ellen show religiously! You should ask her out!"
by Nealio14 November 24, 2013
The most hotest chick EVER. Megan fox step aside cause u ain got nothing on this girl. Bella is actually stands for
That is what it is and everyone is just a part of the many things she is. She is amazingly cute and I will not ever stop loving her. <3
Dude- (jaw drops)me?
Bella-Ya, i just said hi
Dude faints
Bella is the most amazing Pearson. She is the best friend you want and is always there when you need her. She is athletic,talented,and beautiful on the inside and out. Bella is gorgeous and she knows exactly when you are in need and will always be there to catch you when you fall and will pick you right back up. Bella is the most talented Pearson I know.
Bella?? Omg I love you!!
by Sexybff May 08, 2013
A Bella is someone you should be privileged to meet. She tells no lies and often keeps secrets, but when something needs to be known, Bella will tell it. Bella's are often amazing dancers with a unique sense in fashion. Very athletic, beautiful, and just plain out perfect. She usually has 10 guys who are head over heals for her. Bella's family's are very chill and have amazing personalities. Did I ever mention that Bella's have a nice ass? You should get to know every Bella you see!
Omg look at that Bella!
by Polka bannana October 31, 2013
The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. A Bella is trustworthy and oh so nice. Bella always have a nice ass and big boobs.
"Who's the chick with the ass?"
"Oh that's Bella, she got an insane rack too."
by Xoxobc May 04, 2013