The most hotest chick EVER. Megan fox step aside cause u ain got nothing on this girl. Bella is actually stands for
That is what it is and everyone is just a part of the many things she is. She is amazingly cute and I will not ever stop loving her. <3
Dude- (jaw drops)me?
Bella-Ya, i just said hi
Dude faints
Bella is the most amazing Pearson. She is the best friend you want and is always there when you need her. She is athletic,talented,and beautiful on the inside and out. Bella is gorgeous and she knows exactly when you are in need and will always be there to catch you when you fall and will pick you right back up. Bella is the most talented Pearson I know.
Bella?? Omg I love you!!
by Sexybff May 08, 2013
A Bella is someone you should be privileged to meet. She tells no lies and often keeps secrets, but when something needs to be known, Bella will tell it. Bella's are often amazing dancers with a unique sense in fashion. Very athletic, beautiful, and just plain out perfect. She usually has 10 guys who are head over heals for her. Bella's family's are very chill and have amazing personalities. Did I ever mention that Bella's have a nice ass? You should get to know every Bella you see!
Omg look at that Bella!
by Polka bannana October 31, 2013
Bella is the most beautiful girl you will ever come by. She will amaze you with her sense of humor and her ability to brighten your day with a click of a button. She looks like an angel who has come down to earth and no girl could ever compare with her. Bella is also a girl with many flaws. She may seem perfect when you first meet her but you soon realize her little quirks and imperfections which make you love her 100x more. If you are a boy like me and have had the blessing to have a Bella in his life. DO NOT LET HER GO you will strongly regret it if you do.
I have a Bella in my life and I love her so much <3 you are the girl of my dreams Bella
by _lol_ June 23, 2014
The metric unit of female beauty, abbreviated bl.

Supersedes the imperial helen (qv).

Expressed on a decimal scale from 0.00 (utterly repulsive and cock-crinkling) to 1.00 (the Platonic ideal of female beauty).

After the Italian word for beautiful (qv).
"Wow, Bella, you are so amazingly hot. I'd have to rate you at .98 bl"

"How come I don't score 1.00 bl when the damn system is named after me?"

"Because you've just woken up, there's mascara in your ear, your hair looks like a practical joke and there's a pillowcase stuck to your chin. Still adorable though."

"Fair enough. Now run me a bath of ass's milk and fetch costly breakfast items."
by Hitmouse December 12, 2009
The most wonderful friend I have ever met. She is truly a beautiful person, inside and out. I am positively honored to know her at all, and even more so to be her best friend. I really want her to find true happiness, and I would support her through any choices she makes. I love her death and I can't wait to see what she will do with her life. B is for the booty that she doth have. E is for the education she's given me about life. L is for the life she will live, and how beautifully she'll live it. L is for the love she's given me and how supportive she has been to me in the past year. A is for the amazing woman she will become, and for being an Amazon compared to my five foot one self. I really love this child to death. She has helped me through one of the hardest times of my life, and I will most certainly help her through any troubles this world throws at her. I could write so much more about her, but it would be a trilogy of teen novels by the time I'm done. I love you, my Zombie Barbie, Isabella Angelica Dorfman <3
Me: is that a gay pride cupcake?
Bella: Happy Birthday Cailin!
by fabasfuck November 01, 2013
n. A very fun, crazy girl. Usually very pretty. If you know what I am sayin'.
Bellas humor is so magnetic, I want to be around her all the time.

Bella is hilarious. We have so many inside jokes, like pew, pew, pew.
by Corrynella November 01, 2012
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