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The Bella Coola Valley, a gem of natural beauty within the Central Coast of British Columbia. Wilderness abounds and beckons nature lovers and soft adventurers who wish to get off the well-trod tourist path. It also has an alluring history: the First Nations Nuxalk people (pronounced Nu-hawk) date back 10,000 years. The Valley boasts a temperate climate that encompasses the Coast Mountains, crystalline rivers and inland regions. The Bella Coola Valley lies at the head of a 100 km (60mi) inlet from the outer Pacific Ocean and therefore has much less rainfall than the outer coast region.
Fisherman 1:Fishing in Bella Coola is amazing
Fisherman 2: I can't wait to go river fishing down there again, its such a rush
Snowboarder: Never mind fishing, snowboarding's the best in the winter!
Hiker: Forget all that! its the hiking views you gotta see in Bella Coola!
Fisherman1: why don't we just go to Bella Coola eh?
*all agree
by yamichan91 May 08, 2011
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