one who spills himself in unrewarding situations again and again but thinks he does this for the first time, every time.
Daria: i think tom enjoys the attention whenever he rolls by. dam attention seeker!
James: naw, he's just a moron. its just the way he is
Daria: you may just be right.
James: cause im God.
Daria: fuck you, im God. and i shall create a hell to shove Tom in for being so unkowingly repeative in his actions. beligerent fucker!
by takashia April 29, 2004
Top Definition
It's spelled "belligerent", from the Latin "belligerare", to wage war.

1. Inclined or eager to fight; hostile or aggressive.
2. Of, pertaining to, or engaged in warfare.
Seeing spelling suffer so egregiously makes me belligerent towards those who would spell it "beligerant".
by PPM March 17, 2007
Being drunk to the point of acting obnoxious without realizing it, sometimes becoming violent.
Tom got beligerant last night and tried to fight 6 dudes at the same time.
by schypht December 06, 2005
All you tools are dumbasses because it's spelled "belligerent."
I'm an asshole for calling you retards out. This example now contains the word "beligerant."
by Donche August 15, 2008
Drunk or intoxicated
We went to a party and got beligerant last night
by angstkitten June 20, 2004
The Word is used to describe someone bitching, basically someone being abusive
Why you always beligerant about me.
by King Bong December 15, 2003
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