The scum of the internet. They make Directioners seem okay by comparison.

Beliebers are Justin Bieber fans who consistently feel the need to ruin the internet (mainly Twitter) for everyone else by trending shit like 'Respect Justin', 'Respect Beliebers', '#boyfriend4no1#, etc. They are usually highly illiterate, putting little faith in global education institutes. They also can almost never be reasoned with.

The irony is that they ask for respect when anyone who disagrees with them in any way, shape or form is immediately shot down and bombarded with abuse - usually resulting in them being called a 'hater' for no good reason.

The disturbing thing is, the majority age between 9-15 and say things like 'Justin is a sex God'.

In a nutshell, Beliebers are worse than AIDs.
Normal, reasonable person: "I don't really like Justin Bieber, he's not my sort of thing."
Beliebers: "OMG UR JUS JELUS U FUKIN H8ER!!!!!1"

Normal, reasonable person: "I don't have a problem with him, it's just his damned fan base that give him such a bad name."
by I'm mad bro September 01, 2012
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one who is an obsessive fan of justin bieber.
once i saw his face, i was a belieber.
by abbiebeliebes:) October 17, 2009
A person who loves Justin Bieber & beliebes in everything that he can do
I am a Belieber because i respect Justin Bieber and I believe in him.
by ABelieber January 16, 2010
Belieber is a HUGE Justin Bieber's fan. Fan and Belieber is really different, Fan will leave him just because a little thing, but Belieber is not going to leave him eventhough the biggest thing that can break a relationship.
Fan: I love Justin Bieber! Belieber: I love KIDRAUHL! Fan: who's Kidrauhl? Belieber: GTFO!
by BELIEBER FOREVER June 23, 2012
To Believe in or be a believer in Justin Bieber.
"I'm a Belieber"
by bieberluv96 January 21, 2010
A fan of and/or believer in Justin Bieber. In case it wasn't obvious, it's a combination of believer and Bieber.
When Neil Diamond's and Smash Mouth's hit song "I'm a Believer" was remade to "I'm a Belieber", all JB's fans similtaneously Biebergasmed and then procceded to Bieberblast the song on iTunes.
by MusicMan#2489 March 29, 2010
A 'belieber' is a fan girl of teeny bopper sensation Justin Bieber. They are usually between the age of 10-15. A lot of them spend most of their life on Twitter where they:
-Tweet about how much they love Justin Bieber
-Shout-out other 'beliebers'
-Use a lot of tags like #ifollowback or #teamfollowback.

Other twitter users who are not beliebers (and/or above the age of 15) get rather annoyed by the insane amount of 'beliebers' on Twitter and counter act with tags like #Justinbeibersucks.

Beliebers are also well known for fainting at Justin Bieber concerts/appearances. They are also well known for covering their room and school books with pictures of Justin Bieber.
#bieberfact he said the best thing about his fans is that we all stick together as one big family. RT if you are from the belieber FAMILY
by Smashley91 July 04, 2010
a person who is either obssessed with justin bieber, likes his music, or likes anything that has to do with justin bieber
That belieber just went to Hot Topic to buy a justin bieber t-shirt.
by bieber's shawty May 21, 2010

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