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*The following are how girls interpert aspects of the relationship

1. Affection
- If you like her too much, you're needy. If you don't like her enough, you're uninterested.

2. Individuality
- If you disagree with her over things you're passionate about, you're an asshole. If you agree with her to not complicate things, you're whipped.

3. Friends
- If you turn her down to hang with your friends sometimes, you're an asshole (again). If you do too much with her, you're clingy and don't have enough friends.

4. Compliments
- If you don't compliment her well enough, then you think she's ugly. If you compliment her too much, all you want is sex.

5. Sex
- If you want to have sex after the first few dates, you're a sex addict. If you wait until you think she's ready, you're gay.

For these reasons, and many more (MANY more), many men have come to the conclusion that prostitutes are the way to go, rather than being a boyfriend.
#pain in the ass #impossible #hard #difficult #legendary
by C_a_n_a_d_A February 08, 2009
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