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Someone who posts obnoxious Tweets about how much they love Justin Beiber. They talk about him 24/7 and he doesn't even notice them. Oh yeah, and he's not really a guy, so that's why you're a fag if you post abut Justin Beiber.
Twilight Chick: " Did you hear Justin Beiber's new song 'Baby' OMG! It's to die for! I talk to him every day."
Cool Dude: "Oh you're just Beiber Fag. I don't need you."
by JohnDidThat July 07, 2010
A Justin Beiber wannabe; commonly shoves foreign objects up their ass including Canada.
Mike: "Check out that Beiberfag, I think my sperm count just went down..."

Jake: Hey look at that Beiberfag over there, if he doesn't cut his hair soon he might turn into a Mileyfag."
by 617homeslice February 09, 2011
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