An alternative / pop punk / rock band from Orlando, Florida. The band consists of four boys in which two are brothers.

They have toured with bands like All Time Low,

A Rocket to the Moon, The Summer Set, Yellowcard, Hey Monday.

Connor McDonough: Vocal & Guitar
Riley McDonough: Vocal & Bass
Braiden Wood: Guitar
Thomas Silvers: Drum
person 1: Do you know this band with teen boys that toured with All Time Low?

person 2: No, what are they called?

person 1: Oh, you should check out Before You Exit then

person 2: Before I exit what?

person: 1: I means, the band is called Before You Exit
by alltimemaine April 23, 2011
Top Definition
One of the best bands out there. Usually, if one does not listen to their music, you will die a cold hard death within 72 hours.
Before You Exit<3
by RebeccaMcDonough March 09, 2011
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