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An alternative / pop punk / rock band from Orlando, Florida. The band consists of four boys in which two are brothers.

They have toured with bands like All Time Low,

A Rocket to the Moon, The Summer Set, Yellowcard, Hey Monday.

Connor McDonough: Vocal & Guitar
Riley McDonough: Vocal & Bass
Braiden Wood: Guitar
Thomas Silvers: Drum
person 1: Do you know this band with teen boys that toured with All Time Low?

person 2: No, what are they called?

person 1: Oh, you should check out Before You Exit then

person 2: Before I exit what?

person: 1: I means, the band is called Before You Exit
by alltimemaine April 23, 2011
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One of the best bands out there. Usually, if one does not listen to their music, you will die a cold hard death within 72 hours.
Before You Exit<3
by RebeccaMcDonough March 09, 2011
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