Slang word for 'beer' at public schools, origin Harrow possibly.
'Wahey mate/star, lets get some beezos in'
by beardo April 27, 2004
Top Definition
Another word for a woman. Started as another word for chickenhead. Now can be used as a substitute for any name u call a woman. In a good way or bad...depending on you tone when using it. Major Clause is...a woman can only be called a Beezo...not a man or anything else.You can also shorten the word or make variations of it.
If Angry- "What a freaking Beezo"
To greet a friend- "Heyyy, What's up beezo."
Example of Variations- "Hi, Beez",
"ShutUp Beeznut", etc.
by Jess Colt January 15, 2005
1. Marijuana. 2. Taking hits from marijuana smoking device (i.e. pipe, bong).
Hey Tiger, got any beezo's?
by Jon Ellis November 21, 2003
Another word for a beer. Created circa 2004.
Hey, can you get in that cooler and hand me another beezo?
by Kerry July 11, 2004
Club Promoter in N.Y.C.
"You know that guy BEEZO the really handsome guy with the pierceing blue eyes? He BEEZO CRAZY!!!
by BE-ZO May 02, 2003
1)An Australian guy who can be found lurking the internet, he has a lot to say, but at least he's honest.
2)A very funny yet moody person.
3)Da bees knees
2...ex. That guy is a real beezo
3...ex. That girl is beezo
by huggy bear February 12, 2004
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