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The (friendly) request to enhance your/other's current situation with more beer; in the past tense imperatively turning into a mere statement.
That bastard's kicked, beer me up, bro!

I told u to beer me up, now i'm sober thanx to u.

U should beer up the whole party.
by s_bstar April 20, 2010
Beerup is a mixture of maple syrup and beer. It is commonly made undercover in the forests of Maine, due to the fact that possession of beerup is considered highly illegal.
Yo dawg, we gon' go whip up a batch of beerup, you in?
by WilfordB July 05, 2010
Sound made out of total surprise or at somethign stupid.
Wow. That was messed. Beerup.
by gowd delamorte September 04, 2003
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