A bowl of cereal which uses beer as a lubricating agent instead of the standard, milk.
Oh man, I am so hung over.
It's cool bro, just have some beereal.
Wow, I really did not think that would fix my hangover, but it did!
*pounds fist*
by M.C. Fresher April 24, 2008
Top Definition
a) n. Any form of breakfast cereal (preferably with marshmallows) with beer being substituted for the milk.

b) n. Nickname for Wayne as a direct result of previous definition
I had beereal and toast for breakfast
by Ender November 04, 2003
Any type of cereal using beer instead of milk to wet your whistle. Works well with Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms and Honey Smacks. Beer of choice = Heineken
Dude thanks for the Beereal this morning.

Anytime, its the perfect mix between breakfast and friday night. "Smiles, with thumbs up"
by Fast Eddie MMM December 24, 2008
One whom has not the milk to fill one's bowl of cereal, thusly substituting beer instead.
Dude 1 : "Man, I'm freaking drunk. And hungry! I'm gonna have some cereal!"

Dude 2 : "... But dude... We're outta milk!"

Dude 1 : "Ah shit dude... WELL... there's beer!! Fuck it! I'll just have some beereal!"
by Adem G April 05, 2012
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