When a person has had too much to drink and he misinterprets what is said.
Waitress: "Would you like some more coffee"
Beer Ear wearer: "Did you say you are part of the mafia"
Friend: "Don't pay attention to him he has Beer Ear"
by Sean and Eric October 20, 2007
Top Definition
Similar to beer goggles but involves the hearing sense. Side effects include: thinking you sound really funny/witty, thinking that ridiculous idea is the best idea you have heard in a long time and you must do it immediately even if you can't stand up properly and thinking the person talking to you is a genius when in fact, they are not.
It seemed like a good idea last night, I must have had my beer ears on.
by Miska2011 November 24, 2011
A condition in which the afflicted is so drunk that he/she finds members of the opposite sex to be interesting and capable conversationalists, only to discover later, when sober, that they cannot stand listening to said person speak.
Dude, I called that blonde chick from the party last weekend, she was so annoying, i must have been wearing beer ears.
by lilmatt666 February 12, 2009
The state of owing another beers; in beer "debt" to a friend
Mike had been buying the beers all night. Dave was in beerears to Mike.
by Lumpy LaCrosse May 07, 2011
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