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The practice of counting out one can of beer each for you and your friends after shaking one of them vigorously, each person gets a can of beer , holds it to their temples and pulls the ring pull.
''Side by side! Me and him! Me against him! ''
''We gotta play with more bullets.''
''More bullets in the gun''
''You wanna play games? All right, I'll play your fucking games''


''Ah Shit.''
Beer Hunter.
by Robert De Nero. Beero. April 06, 2011
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A drinking game based on the Vietnam Russian roulette film 'The Deer Hunter' starring Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken. Players donate several cans of beer which are then mixed in with a limited number of 'shaken' tins. Each contender must pick a can, lift it to his/her ear, yank the ring pull and risk an explosion of fizzy beer jetting over their person. An exploding can/wet body equals dismissal from the game. Winners must drink until the last shaken can is pulled.
De Niro: "We play Beer Hunter with ninety shaken cans!"
Viet Cong: "Wah!? You mad or something?"
De Niro: "Ninety, I say!"
Viet Cong: "Err..OK. We think you pletty stupid though."
Walken: "Oh Jesus, Jesus!"
De Niro: "There's still an unshaken can on that table. Go for it."
Pop, fizz. Walken loses Beer Hunter.
by Dave Mars September 26, 2006
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Late at night, when you're all out of beer, the stores are closed but you still want more, you become the Beerhunter. Breaking and entering into peoples garages 'n stuff, to steal beer
Man, great party last night but @5:00 we were dry so we had to go beerhunting
by Piet February 16, 2005
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