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Is a game invented by Stephen Colbert where you strap a beer to a cat in a humane way then try to drink the beer while avoiding scratches from the cat. Goggles are suggested for prolonged use.
Jims Beer Cat skills have really improved since he joined that frat which promotes humane animal rights.
by Colbert_Nation July 05, 2010
The result of taking a cat and, in some humane fashion, attaching a beer bottle to its belly (perhaps using a cat vest with a beer pouch in the front). One then opens the beer and drinks from the bottle as the cat claws one's face.*

*Swim goggles are suggested when attempting to experience beercat.

Originally a meme proposed by Stephen Colbert on the July 5, 2010 Colbert Report.

Some Examples:
*A First Time*
-Hey there, think you can handle BeerCat?
-Awwwww lemme have a go....*click* *glug-RANRW-SSS-SSS-glug* AH!!! IT'S HOT AND COLD AT THE SAME TIME!!
-Yes, that my friend is the duality of BeerCat. Searing and sharp, yet frosty and smooth.

*A Morning After*
-Dude what happened to your face?
-Oh, man - I got mugged on my way back from WaWa.
-Wow the mugger scratched you?
-No, he didn't touch my face, but I was so worked up when I got back that I challenged Jeff to a round of BeerCats. I finished two and he still one-upped me.
-Sucks, man. I guess I'll wait to tell you about your car.

*After Someone's Last Time*
-Ahhhh mannnn, why didn't I ever wear swim goggles for BeerCat?!
-Well, I guess you didn't SEE this coming...OH! BURNNN!
-NOT COOL MAN, NOT COOL. You just wait til it's your corneas.
by SpamMePlease August 03, 2010
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