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The term beer dong is used to describe the act in which a drunken male has sex with a sober female.He will most likely ravage her,which creates an uneven playing field in the coitus due to the male's vast consumption of alcohol. This usually occurs at the end of an evening.

Opposite of whiskey dick.

He gives her the beer dong.
Cliff: "Man, Anthony really gave Shannon the beer dong last night!"
by Cliggs March 18, 2013
When a guy gets a blow job from a drunk chick and she pukes on his cock as he ejaculates. She goes beerdonging!

Origin: Derived from sucking dong and beer bonging.
I hooked up with this drunk chick last night and she beer donged all over my shit man!
by Notorious J Riz Riz July 25, 2009
When a girl takes a nice beer bong, but the guy holds it between his legs and then slaps her face with it a little when she's done.
She was pissed, she didn't know it was gonna be a beer dong.
by ScoopyBoots August 08, 2009

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