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Food used to aid recovery after drinking huge amounts of beer or other types of alcohol.
Steak and Shake, McDonalds serve as reasonable "sponges" but Chip Butty (translated - English style French Fry Sandwich) is the perfect "Beer Sponge".
by hamcol December 29, 2008
One who volunteers to drink fallen soldiers
Look at the Beer Sponge, he just chugged 10 leftover beers.
What a champion.
by Ebon 101 July 16, 2014
1) A person (most likely female) that drinks all of a fraternities alcohol. 2) a badass because they have to drink ALL the alcohol to get sufficiently tipsy.
Look at Lucky over there, she just drank all their handles of McCormick Vodka, she is such a beer sponge.
by SLLAPPIT April 16, 2014