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Initially a competition where people passive aggressively proved their superiority to others by drinking more than them, even when it was not clear to everyone in attendance that a competition was taking place, the term has grown to mean any gathering where beer is aggressively consumed.
"Hey, are you going to the beer off tonight? The one on the shore?"
"Before I answer that, let me grab my second beer."
by Sweet Willy Rollbar September 06, 2013
A corner shop with an off licence, that specialises in serving cheap, poor quality alcohol. These people seem to have a licence allowing them to sell beer to anyone over 12 years old.
'Just gooin daan beeroff to get some White Lightning liike'
by M0RHI June 08, 2005
An off licence, ie a place that sells beer over the counter to take home and drink, drink on street corners etc. Usually serves anyone >12 years old.
Just gooin down beeroff to get some White Lightning innit
by M0RHI June 02, 2005

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