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An underage female who uses a male of legal drinking age to get free booze. Can be applied to any form of alcohol.
Those chicks are nothin' but beer diggers - they came over, chugged my wine, and left.
by flumpis December 19, 2006
A person who mooches beer or alcohol on a continual basis and never reciprocates. A self induced mental illness leading to emotional challenges that cause unstable relationships regardless of the level of intimacy of the relationship (ie: friends w benefits, buddy, lover, etc). Beer Diggers are easy to wrangle and tame. They don't ever go to sleep; they just pass out. Beer Digger will conveniently forget that you laced them with free drinks all night.
1. That insert appropriate gender here is nothing but a Beer Digger. When the booze ran out, they bounced.
2. I found a Beer Digger passed out in a Burger King bathroom floor.
3. I bought that Beer Digger drinks last night and s/he can't even remember my name.
by L1LU July 16, 2014
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