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A shorter but particularly thick penis.
Guy #1: "I heard Glenn has a total beer can."
Guy #2: "Yeah, when I blew him I really had to stretch my mouth."
by Bertha Ventation April 17, 2007
34 18
Dis's is Jamaican for bacon
Yo fryin' tos egg's wit dat beercan
by stevieweavey May 19, 2006
38 6
The unique pattern of intonation produced when an individual of afro-carribean origin annunciates "bacon"
Weeers me beer can?
by Ben, Rob & Tom March 06, 2003
43 29
1) Describes a female’s ass, while standing, you could set a beer can on it. Generally found on Afro-American women. Although their asses are nice, a beercan is rarly found on white, hispanic, or asian women.

2) The obvious - a can used to hold a fermented liquid made of hops and barley.
Look at the beercan on her!
by His Bud March 11, 2006
9 7
Jamaican pronounciation of bacon
aren't i funny!!
by Dave February 11, 2004
7 18