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N1. the member of a couple or duo who upon seeing an extensive beer list turns to the other and asks 'what do I like?'

N2. The lower ranking member of a couple or duo on the ‘Beer Pecking Order’

tr.v. Beer Bottomed, Beer Bottoming,
1. To find oneself relegated to the submissive role in selecting a beer
2. To allow another (the ‘Beer Top’ ) to select one’s beer
N1 “Tom and I went to Churchkey and I had no idea which Single-Malt Wood-aged Stone-Brewed Gruit I would enjoy so like a good Beer Bottom I asked him to pick for me”

N2 “Tom knows a lot about his Gruits but when he is out with Harry-the-Gruit-Brewer he is the Beer Bottom”

tr.v. 1. “John was trying to impress his girlfriend with his selection of Fresh Hopped DIPAs but when the Ciccerone showed up he got beer bottomed.

tr.v. 2. “I lost my reading glasses and can’t see the menu so I’m beer bottoming tonight and you need to pick for me.”
by W-D-C July 07, 2011
The punchline to the funniest joke in the world.
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Beer who??
Beer BOTTOM!!!!!
by hyperdrunk83 January 21, 2009
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