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1) A cut of beef that one may choose to eat with Sunday lunch.

2) The little hot bit towards the end, when smoking marijuana, that sometimes burns your lips.

3) A chubby elbow or knee (etc).
"Be a babe, and nip up to LidL to fetch us a beef joint for dinner"

"That beef just burned my fucking lips"

"Rosie, you seriously need to hit the gym and work off those beef joints".
#beef #joint #weed #sunday lunch #elbow #knee #beefy #marijuana #lips
by hoodwinkhenpeck March 04, 2013
12 Words related to Beef joint
a mass of flesh usually rigid and stiff,
girls like to roll that shit lick that shit blow it>
Amanda is soooooo good at puffin the beef joint!
#joint #beef #penis #cock #dick
by Quest1 December 31, 2008
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