A BBC employee who fully supports that organisation’s philosophy and aims. It is more or less de rigeur that a Beeboid is

- for multi-culturalism
- pro-Labour party
- against the Conservatives or Lib-Con coalition
- pro-EU
- pro-UN
- pro-Palestinian
- critical of Israel
- pro-Democrat, and fanatically pro-Obama
- a believer that global warming due to human activity is 100% proven .
- fiercely protective of Islam
- highly critical of Christianity
- in favour of an legal or social status gays may wish to demand
- is for mass-immigration and believes anybody wishing to limit it is a racist
- believes capitalism is bad, while socialism is good
- defends any jihadi derelict washed up on Britain’s shores, should the human rights industry decide to take up his case
- believes Rupert Murdoch is the incarnation of the devil
- for public spending ( which produces growth), the NHS, abortion, drug law liberalisation - you name the leftist cause
- a believer that in cases of military conflict, the BBC should be strictly impartial in reporting about both our side and those who wish to kill our troops. In wars the Beeboid disapproves of, reporting should be restricted to casualty figures and anything that might look like bad behaviour on the part of our servicemen.
- doubtful that a Beeboid should have enough acquaintance with military affairs to know when he is giving away vital information to the enemy.
Whenever I point out an example of bias to their complaints department, I never know whether it is a Beeboid or an automatic answering device that’s sending back the message: ’On the whole, we think we got it about right.’
by Wally Greeninker July 02, 2012
Top Definition
(noun.) A term used to describe someone who is extremely passionate about the BBC to the extent of defending the BBC to the point of the indefensible. Commonly, a Beeboid will hold left-leaning/socialistic/communist views which more often than not will cloud their judgement on debates regarding the BBC.

A Beeboid will often frequent internet forums and newspaper comment sections searching for comments which might show the BBC in a bad light. A pre-defined list of counter-arguments will then be used in an attempt to restore (often, in vain) credibility in the BBC.

Beeboids are known for talking gibberish and often become very incoherent and lose focus of the topic in-hand when legitimate concerns are raised about the BBC.
Geez, I just tried having a constructive debate with a Beeboid about how unfair the TV Licence is, and he became extremely rude and lost the plot... I think he needs professional help.
by maxm873 July 20, 2011
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