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Too totally screw something up. The ability to take a simple situation, with a logical solution, then fail to correctly follow through with the plan of action.
"I thought you were doing well in that class?"
"I was, but I totally Beebe'd the final!"
by jdwag94 September 09, 2011
Being caught in the line of fire by someone either on a roid-rage or a self-indulged hormonal rampage. This may be in the form of verbal abuse, neglect, or sexual assault.
"Things were going so well with me and Beebs until I bought this dog - then he flipped out and wrote me off. I sure got Beebed"

"Ruff, Ruff, arf! Asshole!"

"So I went to gym class today and this short topheavy kid got all pissed off at me because I sat on his powerbar. I sure got Beebed."
by Chad Schwan May 22, 2006