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Derived from the american pronunciation of the word bitch. Often used on Ricky Lake and Montel and other similar crappy american 'real TV' shows. Often used by Beeaches to describe Beeaches. Beeaches are often related to and the cause of gun crime.
i) My best friend is a beeach - she slept with my man
ii) Take your beeach ass outta here before I bitch slap you one time gal
iii) U is a beeach, and yo momma etc.
by Driller Killer July 10, 2003
Lacy. Also see biotch, biatch, and bisnarch.
-RC- shall totally pwn such bee-achs as Lacy and Sherm if the gay-ocity is not stopped
by Billy Bob Thornton July 09, 2004