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Becirovism is the art of misspelling or mispronouncing the names of foreign, non-Anglo-Saxon, names of European professional basketball players, especially those from the Eastern Europe and the Balcans.

It takes its name after Sani Becirovic, a Slovenian basketball player whose name has been spelled and pronounced wrongly numerous times.
Examples of Becirovism: Instead of "Becirovic" we get Betchirovic, Bechirovic, Sunny Baetschirowitch, Betsirovits, Bezirovic, Beatchirovichyz, Baetschirowicz, Beitsirovic, Becirovich, Bejcirovic, Beitsirovits, Baycirovic, Bechirovich, Bychirovic, Byetsirovitsh, Belsirovic
by Arkadios February 03, 2010