a phrase often used by african american males, and white teenagers.
It is there explaination for anyhting. ranging from bad grades to having a large penis.

Black kid = "yo mayne this cop be all up my grill , and i was all like damn man you trippin' cuz (because) im black."

White kid's use= "yo brother i got a b pluss on my test, i would have gotten an a but the teacher gave me a b because im black." *pause*" haha get it im not really black, but i was suggesting that the teacher discriminated me due to the color of my skin.....bahahahha....im white"
by mel the black white kid March 13, 2009
Top Definition
A sentence used by african americans when they don't get what they want.
Tyrone: Hey Jeff, come meet me up at the ball court, lets shoot some hoops G.

Jeff: Nah dude i can't, sorry man.

Tyrone: Oh, i see how it is. It's because im black, isn't it?

Jeff: Yep.
by Sperm Filled Cock July 19, 2009
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