1. A ranking system from (LOW) 1 to 10 (HIGH) used by men and lesbians to rank the taste of a woman's vagina. 1-Paris Hilton (Radish), 2-Britney Spears (Black Licorice), 3-Beyonce (Horse-Meat Dog Food), 4-Jennifer Lopez (Cabbage), 5-Rachel Bilson (Mellon), 6-Gina Gershon (Apple) 7-Jessica Alba (Coconut), 8-Eva Mendes (Banana), 9-Vanessa Lengies (Strawberry) 10-Olivia Munn (Cherry)
On my BeaverTaste list, the taste of Paris Hilton would make me bleed from the inside-out.
by Russell Sheppard February 14, 2008

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