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The act in which a male intends to please the interests of a female in heat at any and all costs, even disregarding the general commandment "bros before hoes". Beaver Pleasing is a widespread problem that typically only leaves the bastard committing the crime friendless and masturbating silently in their dark room on weekend nights to the depressing sound of "Iris" by The Goo Goo Dolls.
You are a Beaver Pleaser if you: Ditch your guy friends to hang out with a girl, speak of mean things about your guy friends to a girl, tell your guy friend's girlfriend the things he says behind her back (disrespectful or otherwise), complete a task asked of you by a girl (feminization or even defriending someone), are the person known as Brock Anders (Huntingdon home grown or otherwise).
by Ham Burger Eddy May 14, 2010
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