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n. That which intoxicates a male in the throes of new infatuation leaving him senseless, useless and wishy-washy. The affected individual may lose all desire for any human contact other than with the object of his desire. Symptoms may include glazed eyes, thousand yard stare and a compulsion to divulge details of recent sexploits with anyone who will listen. Immediate effects of beaver narcotics are post coital pliability and a desire to turn all possessions and free will over to the pussy pusher.

See also: Pussy Whipped, and Snatch Trapped
ex. "Hey, we haven't seen Marvin in a while. What's his deal?"
Dude, you don't know? He's all strung out on Beaver Narcotics. He's willed everything to his new girlfriend, Dorcas. I think he's been snatch-trapped.
by Crankshaw October 01, 2009

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