A rapist with a giant tan-ish colored Rapist van residing in the bay area of CA(Vacaville-Sacramento area).
(Pronounce Bow-Ville)
Yeah, that guy is a total Beauville
by mrpickle47 March 31, 2011
Top Definition
1. Noun. A Chevy Van used by security guards and also a fifties station wagon.
2. Verb. To go in circles or never answer a question.
3. Adjective. Large
Pronounced as Boo-ville
1. "Hey Ryan, did you know that I like Beauvilles?"
2. When asked what Hamlet was about, Matt Beauvilled the question by saying, "Beauvilles are nicth."
3. Oh my god that lard-ass is Beauville big.
by El Rigo December 31, 2007
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