1/ The most beautiful of a group of things/people

2/ -er >> More beautiful than something/someone else
1/ Johnny Depp is the beautifullest man in the world

2/ Christina Aguilera is beautifuller than Britney Spears
by Sandip/Raveen November 20, 2006
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Being beautiful to the fullest extent.
When describing Lauren, the only word possible of coming close to accurate is 'beautifullest'.
by TylerFromMN May 21, 2010
Being even more beautiful than the most beautiful.
Sofía, you are the most beautifullest person in the whole world.
by Xavi January 13, 2004
Someone whom is both beautiful and gorgeous
Miss Amanda is the most Beautifullest woman in the whole world.
by Propower May 07, 2009
when ones looks, features, and personality match those of shana
dude, shana is the most beautifullest girl i have ever known
by topgun1851 February 26, 2006

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