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1/ The most beautiful of a group of things/people

2/ -er >> More beautiful than something/someone else
1/ Johnny Depp is the beautifullest man in the world

2/ Christina Aguilera is beautifuller than Britney Spears
by Sandip/Raveen November 20, 2006
0 8
Being beautiful to the fullest extent.
When describing Lauren, the only word possible of coming close to accurate is 'beautifullest'.
by TylerFromMN May 21, 2010
16 1
Being even more beautiful than the most beautiful.
Sofía, you are the most beautifullest person in the whole world.
by Xavi January 13, 2004
12 8
Someone whom is both beautiful and gorgeous
Miss Amanda is the most Beautifullest woman in the whole world.
by Propower May 07, 2009
6 10
when ones looks, features, and personality match those of shana
dude, shana is the most beautifullest girl i have ever known
by topgun1851 February 26, 2006
1 6