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- Noun -

A beauticle is a synecdoche which has beauty in mind as its complement.

In other words, A beauticle is a sample of beauty, often fortuitously glimpsing insight to beauty.
Gentleman: "Your {insert feature} is stunning! I haven't noticed it in quite the same way before. A true beauticle!"

Gentleman: "I've been privileged to have met you and your many beauticles on our first date - true insights into your beauty!"
by leximecca August 29, 2009
Wearing your 'power color', you radiate an outward confidence and beauty. This translates into a stunning appearance and powerful presence. Occuring most often in females, they may not realize it.
The combination of confidence/color and inner peace, activate the building blocks (beauticle) of one's aura called "BEAUTICLES". Seeing things in others they don't see themselves.
Beauticles radiated from her very being.
by ezhangok June 22, 2007
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